one second everyday

video projects capturing seasons of life transition



The concept of these video blogs is simple: record one second every day and stitch them together (this app makes it easy). I found it an efficient method to punctuate the blur of time—just one second stimulates vivid memories of everything I experienced that day. It’s quite remarkable.

Below are two such projects, each covering roughly four months during a period of life transition. I was grateful to spend this time embarking on lively adventures and connecting with wonderful people. Hope you enjoy.


Summer 2021

An untethered summer: bikepacking across Mexico, romping around the Western US, coexisting with loved ones in Wisconsin, and starting a new life chapter at Stanford.


Summer 2019

My move out of Austin, TX, and into the Bay Area with a London summer and solo travel in between. Shoutout to the Data Science for Social Good community who made this season so special!